Men's Skill Divisions Women's Skill Divisions Men's Age Divisions Women's Age Divisions Special Divisions
Open - D Open - D 24 & Under - 35+A 24 & Under - 35+A AA
35+B - 55+ 35+B - 55+ All Age
All Juniors
24/25 A
Junior Boys' Divisions Junior Girls' Divisions
6 Multi  - 8 & Under 6 Multi  - 8 & Under
10 & Under - 18& Under 10 & Under - 18& Under
Team Champions
Club Champions
These Web pages are for past Singles Champions of the LRA throughout its 30 plus years. I was only able to list those champions through Year 2000. If you should have any past "Down the Line" newsletters that has any listings, you can just e-mail the results with the year or give us a copy.  You can also e-mail your name, event(s), & year(s) you won your title(s) to us.  We would appreciate it. You can send this info to Please pass the word to your fellow LRA Friends from the past. These pages are a work in progress so please be patient & help us. Thank you!